Egwin Ertl


Born in Austria I was lucky to have always been close to nature. The fascination and the need to understand these natural rhythms and systems have been there since I could think.

 In the ‘tender’ age of eight years I started to become quite interested in energetics and movement (in addition to skiing and mountain climbing which in Austria is something you kind of learn as you start walking ;)) I delved into relevant literature, attended workshops and private lessons in the fields of kinesology, martial arts and meditation.

I had such a big interest in these topics so that at the age of 12 I began to develop a training routine which never had to be enforced from the outside. Especially Qigong and meditation were things I was passionate about.

 Over the following years I widened my training spectrum on the fields of Taiji Quan and Bagua (Chinese inner martial arts).

 In the therapeutic context I began to train in different manual and energetic Systems (see list below).

 After graduating I went to Thailand to the Taoistic Centre of Mantak Chia (The Tao Garden) where I completed an education in Chi Nei Tsang (special taoistic massage technique to detox your organs).

 Back in Graz I studied medicine which I quit after a while because I could not identify with the institutionalization of medicine, the diktat of the medical association and the dominance of the pharmaceutical industry.

 Despite this disillusion I gained a lot from my years of study and was able to take a lot of basics of anatomy, physiology and pathology with me.

 I preferred to further commit myself to the prevention and I haven’t regretted my decision even for a second.

 I also participated in national and international competitions for inner martial arts and could win the palm a couple of times.

 Later I retreated from the active martial arts scene and predominantly concentrated on the constitutional aspects of this discipline.

 In the years to follow I was able to constantly enlarge the training spectrum of LEBENSWIND and now have been in charge of perennial training groups in the topics of energetics, awareness and movement in my own training sessions for several years.

 In my instructions, the guidance of people on their personal path and the teaching of tools to generate true freedom and independence are in the foreground.

 Sincerely yours, Egwin Ertl


Methodes, certificates, trainings experience…

  • Kinesiology
  • Meditation
  • Qigong (Instructor)
  • Taiji (Instructor)
  • Bagua (Instructor)
  • Instructor of the WTBA (Qigong, Taiji, Bagua und Wudang Stile)
  • Fly High Yoga (Teacher)
  • practical Self Defence
  • Pranic Healing I u. II
  • Chi Nei Tsang Practitioner Level II
  • Shiatsu
  • Meridian Massage
  • energetic Osteopathy
  • energetic Massage
  • native American Pressure Point Technique and druidic Gate- Point Technique
  • Axialsymmetric Energywork
  • Acupuncture und Acupressure
  • Tuina
  • Cuping
  • Geomancy
  • Biosynthese
  • Human Energetic Training (from Michael Reid)
  • TCM
  • Shamanic Healing and Developement Techniques
  • Breathing
  • Rock Climbing


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Welcome to Lebenswind!!!

Today Lebenswind offers a multitude of options in a wide range of health and development related subjects, such as consciousness, energy work, personal and spiritual development, energetics of movement, natural movement, holistic movement, optimization of movement and physical training, preventative health, and more.

Benefit from a unique concept that combines energy work, movement, and consciousness training. Beginners, as well as very advanced practitioners, can gain a lot from newly learned methods, and/ or enhance their pre-existing abilities. The focus lies on gaining or expanding personal freedom, to optimize one’s own health and/ or to tweak one’s sport’s training.
Lebenswind and Scope of Life
Both are part of my work with people. Scope of Life is the colourful front end Blog, where you can find information, blogposts, video tutorials, and a shop. It also features the option to easily buy and book one on one “SkypeTime” from all over the world. Lebenswind, however, is the platform to organize and manage workshops and teacher trainings around the globe.

Lebenswind is pro life! The most basic principle I follow is the freedom of the soul, and respect for the many different paths souls choose to walk on. Lebenswind also stands for sustainability, and conscious, respectful treatment of our resources, the earth, and life.


In this regard, Lebenswind is a school for development, movement energetics, natural holistic movement, freedom, and life.


Lebenswinds fields of work

  • Train everyone who is interested
  • Trainer, teachers, coaches, companions
  • Sportspersons/ athletes
  • Companies and NGOs
  • One on one trainings and consultation
  • Work for nature


Anyone who is interested in taking charge of their own life, enhancing their health, unfolding their own potential and/or personal and spiritual development no matter their age, sex, or ethnicity are welcome.

Teacher trainings and skills enhancement are specially designed programs for people who are already teaching on their own, or are thinking of starting to do so. Anyone who wants to deepen and/or share their passion for the evolvement of personal freedom, energetics, movement, health, and positive life supporting development will benefit from these programs.

Training for sportspeople and amateur or professional athletes. The main focus here is to support training, taking into consideration health and efficiency. Optimizing and individualizing movement patterns as well as the use of one’s consciousness, and methods to successfully and efficiently learn new movement taking into consideration each individual bodystructure.

Work with companies and NGOs: Advising, creating and/or implementing health programs to raise overall wellbeing of a specific target audience and to prevent burnout.

One on one private classes, either via Skype or in person. Open to everyone.

Support for nature
The way we interact with nature and how we use its possibilities is becoming more and more important every day. To develop and support sustainable forms of human living on this planet is of the upmost importance for future generations.

For what counts is life.

In awareness raising efforts and projects that are designed to support and/ or restore balance in the way humans interact with nature. I share my skills and team up with others to achieve this new form of sustainable life.