Unfold and thrive. All necessary information about educational options and teacher trainings.

Evolvement/ Teacher Trainings


Are you interested in taking your training to the next level? Do you want to further unfold your personal full potential? Do you want to further integrate aspects of your training into your daily life? Would you like to teach on your own? If this is the case, you are in the right spot!

Teacher Trainings are a great opportunity to intensify and deepen your own training, and to learn more about the use of movement, consciousness, and energy when working with yourself or other people. Even if you do not want to teach on your own, Teacher Trainings are open to you so that you can benefit from the extended training and knowledge.



All teacher trainings include:

  • A deeper understanding of basic and advanced methods
  • Additional exercises
  • Advanced exercises and detailed explanations to deepen one’s understanding and own practice
  • Teaching methods
  • Basics about working with and guiding people
  • Advanced safety instructions
  • Anatomical physiological and pathological basics

Once you participate in a teacher training you will receive a ‘Confirmation of Participation’ upon completion of the course. Whether or not you receive a teacher certificate depends upon the specific regulations of the course. Some courses are designed to leave you with all the necessary skills to teach upon completion of the training. Other courses require proof of previous training and experience. This is due to the fact that some methods require a certain level of personal experience before they can be taught safely. For details, please check the course descriptions.

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You will find dates for the next planned teacher trainings in the event calendar. If you cannot find dates for the teacher training you are interested in, contact me using the contact form, or email and ask for the next available dates.