Host a Workshop


All the information you need to organize and host a workshop featuring Lebenswind Egwin Ertl.


There are some basic options from which you can choose

  • Workshops
  • Teacher Trainings
  • Lectures
  • Guest training or guest speaker
  • Single training units
  • Fundraiser
  • Or, if you have a new concept I’m always happy to hear about it


To choose the content you can either use the list below or contact me directly if you need a special combination of methods to work towards a specific goal that is not listed or if you have a special request for a specific target group.

To contact me you can either use the contact form via email or arrange for a personal Skype call to talk about details.

Optional content list:

  • Meditation
    Body orientated meditation
    Color or element meditation
    Centering, awareness and mindfulness training and meditation

Daoistic meditation
Moving meditation

  • Consciousness and Energy
    Basic to advanced
    What is consciousness?
    What are energetic fields?
    How do emotions work? etc…
  • Movement and Energy
    What is movement?
    How to enhance movement
  • Breathing
    Basic breathing patterns for a healthy daily life
    Specialized breath training for sports, meditation, healing
  • Stretching

  • Postural Alignment

  • Spinal column
  • Arch of the foot (structural work)
  • Natural movement

  • Holistic interlinking movement

  • “ANDOR” traditional Celtic exercises for development, power, and health
    Physical exercises
    Working on places of power in nature
  • “Pattern Release”
    Free movement
    Solve physical and psychoenergetic behavioral patterns
  • Qigong
    Basic principles
    Joint- Immune Qigong
    Baduan Jin Qigong (2 Versions)
    Using Qigong as energywork
  • Coordination and optimization for sports
    Rock climbing
  • Daily health exercises

  • General health exercises
    Preventative Health

Choose which kind of event you want to host

  • Workshop
    workshops are available from half a day up to four days depending on the location. Please specify upon booking
  • Training weeks / Camps
  • Teacher Training
  • Block course
  • Guest Speaker or training
  • Lecture
  • Fundraiser


Details to include upon booking request:

You can use the contact form to get in touch or simply write me an email. Either way, please include the following information

  • What you would like the event, workshop, lecture etc. to be about
  • What kind of event you are planning or what you would like me to teach
  • The location of the event (Country/ City/ District)
  • The intended date and duration of the event
  • How many people you expect to turn up
  • Do you have an event location, room etc.?
  • Who is the target group? (Young, old, men, women, mixed, trained, company, private, etc.)
  • Any previous experience with body and/or energy work, or training in general? If so, please specify.


Once I receive your request I will contact you to talk about further details such as pricing, accommodation, travel costs if the event is abroad etc.
The details we agree upon will be combined into a written event agreement. Once acknowledged by both sides the event is officially booked and from that moment, the terms and conditions of Lebenswind apply.