Terms and Conditions

Conditions of Participation:


  1. The offered courses, workshops and seminars and lectures are available for people of all ages, races, religions and sexes. The participation of children younger than 12 years is only possible after consulting the event conductor.


  1. The offered exercises serve the purpose of preventive medical care and personal development. They are only suitable for physically and mentally healthy people.


  1. In cases of medical issues (i.e. previous or acute injuries, chronic illness, mental illness etc.), the event conductor is to be consulted at the registration. If unsure of your suitability to participate in a workshop, participation can be discussed on an individual basis with the attending doctor.


  1. In exceptional cases of medical issues a program may be developed together by the event conductor, the doctor or therapist and the client. This is possible solely in private lessons. A therapy with the client in a passive position will not be the case here. The dominant goal is to lead them back to their ability, to work for their health and health maintenance in a long term in a lasting and positive way. Therefore, when working in private sessions to put light on a specific problem, it is first and foremost about coaching and educating.




  1. If no different deadlines are mentioned registration is open until one week before the beginning of the event.


  1. Spare places are available after the registration deadline. A joining of the course after it has already started is only possible after consultation.


  1. Registrations must be done in written form, via mail or through the registration form on the homepage in order to have validation.


  1. Oral agreements do not lead to the agreement of a contract.



Payment and Cancellation


  1. Payment takes place through bank transfer or in cash in advance or on the spot, except when indicated differently.

Private lessons, except those done via skype, are to be paid on the spot. Online sessions via skype are to be paid in advance via bank transfer or debit card when the appointment is arranged.



  1. In the case of a registration of a third non present person a commission of 50% of the participation fee is required.




  1. If there are workshop commissions or deadlines to be considered (noted in the calendar) the required payment is to be transferred within the deadline. This applies especially to the claim of early bird discounts.


  1. When cancelling the contract up until three weeks before the workshop, a cancellation fee of 50% will be due. In the case of a cancellation later than three weeks before the event, the entire event share will be due. In the case of nonappearance the whole workshop fee will be due.


  1. A cancellation before the start of a new workshop due to illness is free of charge if a confirmation of the doctor is produced. Missed entities of a workshop (also in cases of illness) cannot be refunded.


  1. If a workshop is cancelled the entire payment will be refunded.





The participation in courses, seminars and private lessons happens at the participant’s own risk.

The host does not take liability for directly or indirectly occurred damages or injuries which occurred from not complying with the security advices.




Lebenswind and Egwin Ertl keep the right to fit or change the described program, also on short notice. This may also lead to changes of the participation conditions.
Already paid fees of registered participants who wish to cancel their participation upon the changed program will be refunded the entire payment they have made. This applies to larger changes in the program or in the participation conditions which I communicate before the event in written form. Excluded from refund are changes made during a workshop and thus are considered part of listening and responding to the group.


Organizing a workshop


  1. It is possible to invite Egwin Ertl to workshops an/or events. Requests in this regard are to be made in written form via mail, email or through the registration form on the homepage.


  1. Regarding the previous point the same guidelines apply which are mentioned in the link „host a workshop“ on the homepage,


  1. The conditions for conducting an external workshop is in any case the closure of a written workshop agreement which has to include all relevant points, such as place, time, fee, number of participants, cancellation policy, accommodation, travelling costs etc.


  1. A commission of at least 50% of the course fee has to be paid no less than three weeks before the start of the event. The rest of the payment may, if not already paid in advance, be made in bar at the workshop. In this case, only internationally accepted currency will be accepted.


  1. If the workshop doesn’t come to fruition a cancellation has to be made at least 4 weeks before the beginning of the workshop. For the cancellation after the deadline a flat charge of 200 Euro as well as already made travel payments have to be transferred to the bank account of Lebenswind wthin 14 days.


  1. The cancellation policies for hosted workshops are part of the workshop agreements which are to be confirmed and accepted by the organizer and by Lebenswind Egwin Ertl.