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All there is to know about workshops and training options. Which methodes or themes can be covered and even how you can host a workshop and by doing so indiviually adabt the workshop content with me so that it fits your needs and/ or clientel the best.



Workshops are a great opportunity to communicate information in compact form. Regularly, I train at workshops six hours per day, including a generous lunch break, so that the participants can relax, let the learned knowledge sink in and get to know each other. Due to my travellings, there are currently no long term plans for workshops in a particular country. But there is the opportunity to organize workshops with me. You can find all the details in the tab “host a workshop”.


Generally speaking, workshops can be very different. There are, for example workshops with topics so limited that they can be considered as “closed in itself”. Basic body oriented meditation for example or exercised to erect the arch of foot would be two examples. Other workshops are obviously more extensive. It is for example possible to conceive the basic information of health focused stretching in a workshop of two days, but the topic is strongly expandable and offers the option to go deeper into the matter in advanced workshops. Another form of workshop is based on an intense beginning where basics have been taught and all subsequent workshops primarily convey advanced methods and techniques. Basically, all my workshops include parts which the participants can easily apply without my instruction and further exercise them, as well as parts which require advanced, individual training if people wish to go further into the matter.


In the calendar you’ll get an overview of all planned workshops in the future, as well as a detailed description of the content and the place.


Host a Workshop/Event


You are interested in organizing an event? This is the right site for you! Further down you can find a list of possible events further below, as well as a list of all the next steps that are important for you. You can choose from different kinds of events and exemplary topics or bring along an own composition of topics. The latter form runs through a common adjustment of topics which are adapted to your requirements.


1) Choose a topic!

You can find here an exemplary overview of currently possible workshop contents. If you can’t find the right one for you, want to combine two fields of topic or have special wishes, I would ask you to contact me via the online contact form or via mail. With pleasure I’ll discuss with you your chosen combination or other possible opportunities which are not on the list below.


  • Meditation (e.g. body oriented, element meditation, centralizing and attention focused meditation
  • breathing
  • stretching
  • spinal column (movability/stabilization/erection)
  • foot arch (restructuring/strengthening)
  • natural movement
  • holistically connecting movement (different concepts)
  • ancient celtic power exercises (“Andor”, interaction with the world and power places)
  • liberating movements and dissolve patterns (goal ­– free movement)
  • Qigong (joint immune-Qigong/Baduan Jin Yin/ Baduan Jin Yang)
  • fine coordination for athletics
  • general exercises for movability and health oriented training
  • foundations of energetics (what is awareness, what are energetic fields, etc.)
  • motion and energetics
  • health exercises for everyday life